1. Drafting of the sales contract

1.1. The sales contract between the buyer and the seller shall be considered valid when the buyer confirms the configured shopping basket providing the address for the delivery of the item, chooses the most suitable payment method, and gets acquainted with the internal rules of the electronic store.

2. Rights of the buyer

2.1. The buyer shall have a right to purchase items in this electronic store in accordance with the provided rules and the internal conditions of the electronic store.

2.2. The buyer shall have a right to terminate the sales agreement with the “TeddyWay” electronic store. If a buyer is willing to terminate this agreement he/she must notify the seller about it in writing (by e-mail), indicating the reason for returning the item and the order number not later than 7 days after the delivery of the item. The sales agreement may not be terminated in certain cases indicated in the EU and the Republic of Lithuania legislation.

3. Obligations of the buyer

3.1. The buyer is obliged to pay the full price for the selected items.

3.2. When the item is delivered and the buyer refuses to accept the delivered items without providing any reasonable explanation or in case the address indicated by the buyer is not correct, the buyer shall be obliged to cover the postage cost that is determined by the weight of the package.

3.3. The buyer who is using “TeddyWay” electronic store services shall agree and be obliged to follow these rules and provisions of the contract of sale.

3.4. In order to be able to pay for the item being purchased the buyer shall indicate the item order number.

4. Rights of the seller

4.1. In case of special circumstances the seller has a right to temporarily or fully terminate the activity of the electronic store without prior notice to the buyers.

4.2. The seller has a right to unilateraly change these terms and conditions withour prior warning.

4.3. If the buyer chooses to pay for the item in advance and does not make any payment in 7 days, the seller may refuse to fulfill the order.

4.4. The seller holds the right to cancel an order at any time and due to any conditions provided that the seller refunds the buyer the full amount that has been paid.

5. Obligations of the seller

5.1. The seller shall ensure proper conditions for using the electronic store.

5.2. The seller shall be obliged to deliver the ordered items to the adress and in accordance with the delivery method indicated by the buyer.

5.3. Under certain circumstances when the seller cannot deliver the item chosen by the buyer, he/she shall offer a different item, however, in case the buyer refuses to accept the offered item, the seller shall be obliged to return the money to the bank account indicated by the buyer in 7 workdays.

6. Item delivery

6.1. The seller or the person authorized by the seller shall be held responsible for the delivery of items.

6.2. The buyer shall check the state of the item together with the seller or with the person authorized by the seller.

6.3. In case of any damage to the package the buyer may refuse to accept the package indicating it in the delivery document.

7. Returning an item

7.1. The process of returning an item is subject to the order No. 217 of 29 of June 2001 of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania “Regarding approval of the Rules for Returning and Replacing Items”.

7.2. The item the buyer is returning to the seller shall be in the original package and undamaged.

7.3. Items shall be returned to the address specified by the seller. In case the item is unsuitable for use because of poor quality, return postage costs shall be paid by the seller.

7.4. In case the item is being returned because of poor quality, the seller shall be obliged to replace such item with the new item of good quality. If the seller does not have the required item in stock, the buyer shall receive the refund.

8. Liability

8.1. The buyer shall be held liable for his/her actions performed while shopping in the store “TeddyWay”.

8.2. The buyer shall not be held liable for the information placed by other sites even if the electronic store “TeddyWay” provides references to such sites.

8.3. In case any damage is done, the party held responsible shall pay the damages to the injured party.

9. Information sending

9.1. All questions and messages shall be sent to the e-mail address provided in the electronic store or by calling the given telephone number.

9.2. The seller shall send the buyer all the information to the e-mail address provided while placing the order.

10. Final provisions

10.1. These terms and conditions are subject to the EU and the Republic of Lithuania legislation.

10.2. The appearance, size and colour of the all products may differ slightly from the photos shown in the online store.

10.3. Disputes concerning the implementation of these terms and conditions shall be settled by negotiations. In case of unsuccessful negotiation, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the EU the Republic of Lithuania legislation.

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