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Giant plush monkeys invite you into their embrace!

Giant plush monkeys - Broad shoulders, long arms, shaggy fur. A big monkey is slowly approaching... to grab and hold you comfortably in its soft embrace. We have no doubt that you will become inseparable friends! After all, humans are so similar to these intelligent animals of the Earth, and similarities unite. And nothing in this world is scary when you are hugging such a cute monkey.

This toy will substitute a playmate, a listener of your concerns, a comforter, a giver of peace. You will never be afraid to fall asleep next to it, even in complete darkness! And then dream the most colourful and beautiful dreams where you both together will go on carefree adventures. Lastly, such a toy cannot be unnoticed. So, it will play the main role of room decoration at your home.

Obvious similarities

All best friends are somehow similar. When looking from the side, you may see that immediately. Did you know that humans have many similarities with monkeys? Large plush monkeys can understand written numbers and even count. They can also perform basic arithmetic tasks.

Monkeys, just like humans, need to be with someone. We cannot be alone for long time. Humans need to communicate constantly, to take care of each other, to belong to the community. Plus, we love bananas! Lots and lots of bananas! It is one of the most popular fruits that both humans and monkeys love to eat.

In addition, some species of giant plush monkey love spending time in the water. They enjoy splashing in hot springs. Scientists found out that hot baths help monkeys reduce stress. It is great! We do the same after all! Who knows, maybe we adopted this idea from monkeys? After a hard day, people often love to fill the bathtub with hot water and relax in it. It is so nice to have such a similar plush friend!

To space - together with the plush monkeys

The big plush monkeys are a toy that will help develop imagination. After all, everyone knows that a monkey was the first to fly to the space. So, while playing with your new friend, you can imagine how you both together are ascending into the vastness of space. How you are circling the Earth and are admiring its bright colors, and stop for a moment to eat a sandwich on the Moon. Later, you are passing by one asteroid or another, and are discovering new planets.

Maybe, along the way, you will meet the planet of the Little Prince and will visit him to say hello. The fact that you are with your best friend, a big plush monkey, is the best part of this whole trip. Cultivate your creativity and create your own stories. After all, it is so interesting and playful. Life is interesting as long as we allow ourselves to fantasize.

Big plush monkey is a memorable gift

A big plush monkey toy shows big love. So, it is perfect as a gift for a loved and important person whom you want to show special attention. Such a gift seems to say: "Remember me when I will not be around you". And hugging of such a big toy really is really similar to human embrace. So, the plush monkey is a great gift for both an adult and a child.

It can be given as a gift to a son, daughter, or parents. Even grannies will love it - you will become their favaurite grandchildren. Such a gift will finally make a serious boss smile. It is simply impossible to resist this adorable gift. And there is no need to resist - all you have to do is enjoy a sincere gift and enjoy your uniqueness.

Only good materials are used to make good toys

Our every toy is made of certified high-quality materials, which are perfect even for sensitive people. After all, everyone always wants to cuddle with such a cute toy. So, it is important that it does not cause unnecessary irritation. The monkey is filled with silicone fibre balls.

These balls have anti-allergic properties. So, even allergic and highly sensitive people can play with this plush friend. Let your frolic moments be not only fun, but also safe!

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