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Rose teddy bears - Rose bear - Bear of roses - Flower bear

Rose Bears - Rose Teddy Bears - Flower Teddy Bears - Bear Of Roses

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Rose bears – the best choice!

Rose teddy bears - A marvellous high quality rose bear with an unmistakeable outer appearance is a perfect and unique gift. The person who will receive the teddy bear as a gift will remember for several years the emotions that the gift has given during his or her feast. These teddy bears made of roses may also become a new alternative to flower bouquets!

Thanks to the properties of the material of which the rose teddy bears are made they are perfect as a gift for the youngest ones! Children will be able to enjoy the rose bears without any need for concern as all the parts are firmly attached, and the rose material does not pose any health risk to the little ones!

Of cause, the teddy bear will make happy everyone, including the child, the beloved girl, the wife, the mom or any other close and beloved person.

Teddy bears made of roses - Flower teddy bear – Not only a gift!

The multicolored teddy bears made of roses are not just a great gift idea! Thanks to their distinctive appearance and modernity, the teddy bears can be used as an element of decor or interior.

The teddy bear made of roses will really become an object that attracts attention as a home decoration or even an aesthetic wedding element that will help create a distinctive emotion or playfulness. The teddy bears made of roses may become much more than just a charming gift!

What makes our flower teddy bears made of roses different?

We only use the top quality materials to produce the teddy bears. For this reason, the 3D roses used to produce the teddy bears look particularly natural and create an effect of real flowers. All the roses we use are selected manually. Manual work allows creating a complete view of the teddy bear that gives it uniqueness and charm.

Our teddy bears made of roses will be delivered to you:

“Door-to-door“ delivery service – We ensure that you will receive the teddy bears throughout the European Union in just a few working days directly to your home or other designated address.

High quality – Even the smallest hand-made parts of the teddy bears are extremely durable and will withstand even permanent hugs. The teddy bear made of roses will make heart glad for several years because the flowers used to produce the teddy bears do not lose their shape and colour.

Unique – These teddy bears create an opportunity to surprise and demonstrate love and attention otherwise. Emotions created by bestowing the teddy bear made of roses as a gift will last long as the teddy bear itself.

Maintenance of the rose teddy bears

These teddy bears made of roses require no special maintenance. It is enough to occasionally wipe dust of the rose petals and the teddy bear will again look as new!

Thanks to the properties of the material used to create the teddy bears it does not attract dust and is especially easy to clean. However, to prevent the teddy bear from discoloration, it is recommended to keep it away from direct sunlight.

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