1. General provisions

1.1. The privacy policy provided here shall establish the main methods for the collection, management and storage of personal data on the “Teddyway” electronic store.

1.2. This privacy policy shall be governed by the European Union regulation on the protection of personal data and other legislation protecting privacy.

1.3. By submitting your data to the “Teddyway” electronic store you shall agree to the usage and management of such data for the purposes defined under this privacy policy.

2. Storage, collection and management of personal data

2.1. Electronic store “Teddyway” shall function in accordance with the following main principles for the management of personal data:

2.2. Personal data shall be collected for lawful and intended purposes.

2.3. Personal data shall be stored for a period not exceeding the period defined in the EU documents regulating legal personal data protection.

2.4. Personal data shall be managed solely by those employees that are aquainted with the confidentiality agreement and have confirmed it with their signature.

2.5. All information about the personal data being managed shall be considered confidential.

3. Employees of the “Teddyway” electronic store shall understand the importance of the personal privacy. Client personal information (name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any other information provided in the registration form of this electronic store) shall be collected, managed and stored for the following purposes:

3.1. Generating client orders for items and implementing them.

3.2. Generating financial documents.

3.3. Organizing item delivery.

3.4. Fulfilling other contractual obligations.

4. Transfer of personal data to third parties

4.1 Employees of “Teddyway” electronic store shall be able to transfer client‘s personal information to third parties solely in the cases pointed out in article 2.2.

4.2. Personal information shall be transfered to third parties solely in accordance with the European Union legislation.

5. Cookies

5.1. “Teddyway” electronic store uses cookies that enable clients to access all services offered by this electronic store.

5.2. While a customer is using “Teddyway” electronic store, cookies shall be saved to the client‘s, who is using this internet website, device (browser).

5.3. Personal information gathered with the help of cookies shall be used to implement marketing and remarketing campaigns and to generate various statistics that are essential for ensuring undisrupted provision of services offered by this electronic store.

5.4. The client shal have a right to delete part or all of the saved cookies or not to give consent to store cookies on the device being used, however, in this case some functions the site offers will become inaccessible.

5.5. By using services offered by “Teddyway” electronic store the Client shall consent to the cookies being installed to the browsing system currently in use.

5.6. The client shall have a right to cancel such consent by modifying the settings of the internet browser.

6. Alteration of rules and final provisions

6.1. “Teddyway” shall have a right to fully or partly alter these privacy policy rules without prior announcement. By continuing to use “Teddyway” electronic store you shall be bound to adhere to these rules. Disputes concerning privacy policy shall be settled by negotiations, and in case of unsuccessful negotiation, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the EU and the Republic of Lithuania legislation.

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