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Giant plush bunnies - Big stuffed bunny - Large stuffed bunny huge XXL

Giant Stuffed Bunnies - Big Plush Bunny - Huge Soft Rabbit - Teddyway

Hello. I am the giant stuffed bunny! 

Giant stuffed bunnies - Big plush bunnies - I guess you have heard many stories about agile and fast bunnies. Maybe I am not that agile, but I am a genuine long-eared bunny! As you know, bunnies live in large groups surrounded with many friends because love and friendship are very important for us. For this reason, I would like you to become one of my friends too! 

Trust my words, there is no one else to have such a soft and gentle fur as I do, not to mention my long ears which are perfectly adapted to hearing funny stories or even sad experiences. I will reveal the secret to you: my fluffy bunny tail can dissipate even the gloomiest mood. And most importantly, I am looking forward to meeting you, because I know that we, you and I, will definitely be best friends! 

Wait for me because I will soon start preparing for the journey to your home! I will not take me long to prepare for the journey because we bunnies are very fast!

See you soon, my dear friend!

It Is The Time Of Having Fun!

Large stuffed bunnies are the most hilarious and vibrant of all animals. Therefore, I can assure you, there will be no time for sadness and bad emotions! Upon arrival of the bunny at your home, it will be immediately filled with joy and fun. You may not know it, but bunnies are the best game friends. They can romp around together with you for hours, and when bunnies get tired, they like to cuddle with their best friend with whom they feel safe and calm, and to take a nap.

The bunny will be the happiest being able to just spend time with you, whether it be endless fun, calm moments or even a journey. Believe me, they are great companions! And most importantly, bunnies love with all of their little hearts. For this reason, they are the most loyal and devoted friends!

Before Bedtime!

After a day full of fun with your new friend, you need prepare properly for the night sleep. Bunnies love when everything is clean and tidy. For this reason, cleaning is exactly what they like to do. Help the bunny to fluff up his soft fur, to brush his white teeth, and in exchange he will safeguard your dreams! 

Huge soft bunnies are also extremely curious and great listeners. For this reason, they will be glad to hear your stories and fairy tales. Of course, stories about brave bunnies and their reckless adventures are what they like most! You know that bunnies can sometimes be frightful and shy. So, don’t forget to hug them after you will turn off the lights!

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