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Giant plush flamingos - Big stuffed flamingo - Large stuffed flamingo huge XXL

Giant Stuffed Flamingos - Big Plush Flamingo - Huge Soft Flamingo Toy

Hello! I am the giant stuffed flamingo!

Giant atuffed flamingos – Brightly coloured, with delicate feathers and in the right mood – all these features perfectly describe me! I am from a warm temperature zone. For this reason, I am looking for a friend here to hug me often in order to prevent me from getting cold!

Big plush flamingos are great friends and tender family friends. You will soon get convinced of this because I love spending time with my friend, to help him or her in all and any life situations and, of cause, walking is my favourite activity because, as you have seen, I have long legs!

We, flamingos, are some of the friendliest creatures in the planet, and we want to give all our love and happiness to you, dear friend! I hope we will find each other soon!

Our Large Cuddle Flamingos

Our nice, soft and endlessly gentle large cuddle flamingos are a perfect choice as a gift. This cuddle toy will touch everyone‘s heart. The large soft flamingos are made of durable materials. Thanks to them this large cuddle toy will bring you joy for years.

Our large cuddle flamingos will arrive to you:

Quickly – the flamingos will arrive to the address specified by you throughout the European Union within a time span of a few days. And the courier will deliver the parcel from door to door!

Durable – our cuddle flamingos are made from top quality materials. This makes them firm and able to withstand even the strongest love. For this reason, these toys are rugged and remain suitable for use for years.

Safe – only materials that pose no danger to the children and the environment are used to produce our cuddle flamingos. Our all products are of high quality. Therefore, you do not need to worry as all firmly attached parts of the toys will remain in their place during the course of the play. The flamingos are filled with anti-allergy fibre filling. For this reason, the child will not experience any unpleasant sensations or health problems while playing.

Maintenance Of The Large Flamingos

These large cuddle flamingos require no special maintenance. All you need is to wash the flamingo from time to time in a washing machine or by hand, and leave it to dry.

Thanks to the properties of the material used to produce the toy it does not attract dust and for this reason the flamingos do not require frequent cleaning.

It is important to point out, however, that in order to retain the bright and eye-catching colours of the flamingo, it is advisable to keep the toy away from direct sunlight.

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