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Giant plush giraffes - Big stuffed giraffe - Large stuffed giraffe huge XXL

Giant Plush Giraffes - Big Plush Giraffe - Huge Soft Giraffe

Giant plush giraffes straight from the savannah into your embrace!

Giant plush giraffes - you will not confuse this animal with anyone. It has a long graceful neck, slender legs, spotted fur, charming eyelashes and large eyes full of kindness. Yes, it is a beautiful giraffe. The tallest mammal in the world, which can grow even up to 5.5 meters tall.

You could almost look it straight in the eyes if you formed a tower of three persons. Even newborn giraffes are taller than most people. So, a giraffe is a true model of the animal world. It walks elegantly on the savanna catwalk. You are probably dreaming about a giraffe walking at your home? It turns out that everything is possible. All you have to do is to want!

Big plush giraffe that fits at home

No one, apparently, would allow you to keep a real giraffe at home. It not only would not fit through the door, but would also break the bed trying to make itself comfortable, and it, finally, would eat all your flowers. So, we have a better solution - a plush giraffe. Maybe it is not a giraffe of original size, that can be seen in nature. However, it is still a toy of impressive dimensions, which will capture everyone's heart with its cuteness.

You can feel free to give such a giraffe as a special gift, that shows sincere attention to another person. And after buying a big plush giraffe to someone, you will definitely want to have one at your home. In addition, it is a perfect accessory not only at home, but also in nurseries, playrooms or any other space which you want to make exclusive. Big plush giraffes will give these spaces a touch of exoticism.

Each toy has its own personality

All giant plush giraffes are unique! There are no two giraffes with the same spots on the fur, just like there are no two persons with the same fingerprints. Each person's fingerprints are unique. Plus, plush giraffes are unique in their personalities. After all, everyone who adopts a big plush giraffe spends a lot of time with it: dances, plays, sleeps with it, watches movies, takes pictures (at least once a day), tries various dishes, travels to the most distant magical lands, even seek comfort from giraffes when times are tough.

Usually, interesting stories happen along the way. They create an indescribable bond with own toy. With the help of the plush giraffe, you can even develop your creativity. For example, come up with at least 20 places which a giraffe would like to visit. Or create a story for each spot of the giraffe. And now count all those spots. How many spots are there? You will immediately find yourself fully engaged in this activity and that you have left all daily worries somewhere far away. So, the plush giraffe is more than just a toy. It is a unique personality that travels through life with you.

Large plush giraffe is the best sleep companion

You will never feel bored with the plush giraffes. Why? Because they need very little sleep. In the wild, giraffes sleep from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Imagine that you need so little rest, and you could spend the rest of your time playing games. It would be great! But people have to sleep longer. After all, sleep is very important for us to recover our strength.

And large plush giraffes are special in that they sleep for the same amount of time as their owner. And always very calmly. No plush giraffe will snore like a loud tractor and wake you up in the middle of a beautiful dream. We guarantee that! On the contrary, it will not only not disturb, but will also help you fall asleep more easily. You will calm down and relax faster after hugging such a soft and fluffy toy. 

In creating toys, attention is paid to important details

In creating plush giraffes, a lot of attention was paid to quality of materials, durability and authenticity of details. The giraffe will remain in excellent condition even after many years of sleeping, dancing or playing various games with it. Its strong seams will withstand even the most intense fun.

The fabrics are suitable for repeated washing. The balls used for filling the giraffe are anti-allergic, and the entire toy is robust and, at the same time, soft and cute. All these things allow to fall very easily in love with such a unique toy.

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