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Giant plush pandas - Big stuffed panda - Large stuffed panda huge XXL

Giant Stuffed Pandas - Big Plush Panda Teddy Bear Huge Soft Panda XXL

Giant plush panda – your loyal friend!

The giant plush pandas are clumsy, but the most loyal friends! A soft, black and white fur, a cute black nose, infinity of hugs and endless love - it’s all about me! I am coming to you straight from sunny Asia. So, do not hesitate - our days together will be full of light, warmth and joy. We, pandas, are famous not only for our perfect temper, but also for our inexhaustible love for the closest friends. And, of cause, for friendliness! Although we are clumsy and lazy, we love to play, get to know new places and travel together with our loyal friends. I hope you are ready to meet a giant cute panda very soon?

I want very much to go on adventures with you and discover new places. I want to tell you where did I come from and what adventures I have experienced. I want to share with you the funniest moments in my life.

Your big plush panda is ready to defend and warm you up. My delicate and soft embrace is waiting for a warm hug. I look forward to your diving into my loving embrace, where you can feel safety and peace.

I know, sometimes people say that pandas like to sleep and have a lot of rest. This is because pandas do not have a brisk and fast friend, whom they would not be bored with. I promise that I, a huge plush panda, will go on all adventures together with you and will be ready to play every day, to learn new things together or go on fun trips together with you.

Are you looking for the best friend, with whom you could share various happy memories or even sad moments? I promise that every day you spend with me will be full of fun and impressions! I hope that I will soon be able to cuddle with you and give you joy, my new friend!

Big plush panda – a home adornment

Have you ever wondered how many positive emotions a giant plush toy can create in your space and in the space of your loved ones? It kind of fills the home with cosiness and tenderness. A XXL plush panda can become the centre of attraction at your home and probably the main emphasis, which complements the interior of the home or of other space, provides it with softness and evokes the warmest emotions.

Why do the little children adore the large plush pandas XXL?

Teddyway receives feedback showing that children get attached to the toy, that they travel, sleep and, and of course, play adventurous games together with it. They come to love their new friends so strongly, that the big plush pandas become their best sleeping toys, and they also often become comfortable pillows for afternoon sleep. This new friend becomes an adventure friend and irreplaceable companion on the trip, when you need to make yourself comfortable in the car, or to spend time travelling by road and plane.

On what occasion can a plush panda be donated?

The giant plush pandas are favourite gifts on various occasions. They are a great surprise for the beloved girl on Valentine’s Day or a long-dreamed gift for the child, which awaits him or her under the Christmas tree in the morning. The huge plush pandas are a favourite choice for christening parties or anniversaries.

Try to imagine yourself surprising your father on the International Father's Day with this new family member! Or maybe you are looking for an unexpected surprise for the godson, brother or nephew? Pandas love to spend time among men. So, grab the new friend and hurry up to the feast!

Do not forget the mother either, because even an adult person has the childhood sentiments, memories of his or her beloved soft toys. Therefore, such a gift will take back to the heartfelt moments of the past. Or what an unexpected surprise would await your beloved girl during the matchmaking party, if you would give her such a gift.

Feast or space decoration

The Teddyway plush toys became popular and are used as decorations on the occasion of various celebrations. Decorated with the large plush pandas, baby shower parties acquire a completely different and cosier atmosphere that radiates childhood moods. They also enrich the child christening party, by giving your occasion exclusivity and an unforgettable emphasis. We guarantee that, in the course of the celebration, a plush panda will join the children and will play together with them.

This plush toy can become more than just an emphasis of the space. It can also be used as an embracing bean bag, which, thanks to its firmness, will withstand both the adults and children sitting on it.

The large plush pandas XXL delight children in kindergartens, schools or even in hospitals. It can be a great mood brightening gift, which you can give to a sick little one or even an adult person at the time you visit them. We guarantee that the plush toy will provide warmth and will witness your attention every time the person, who has received the toy, will look at it.

Why are the Teddyway plush pandas special?

Quality. These pandas are extremely soft, their fur is tender and dense, and is very pleasant to touch. That is why you will never want to stop petting that pleasant fur. Teddyway wants every hug on the new toy to be pleasant and awaited.

The Teddyway toy pandas are filled with anti-allergic filler. For this reason, you can be sure that this gift will be suitable for everyone, even for the most sensitive person. The panda will cause no allergy and will not attract dust. Therefore, you can give this plush toy of excellent quality to your dear person without having to worry.

Safety. Thanks to high-quality stitching and firm fabric, the giant plush pandas are beautiful and symmetrical in shape, which will remain unchanged while playing with the toy. You can be sure that all the details of the toy will stay in place. You can, therefore, give it even to the youngest children, without having to worry that the child may put the parts of the toy into his or her mouth.

Fast delivery. Teddyway values time and wants your dear person to enjoy this wonderful surprise as soon as possible. Therefore, Teddyway delivers the toys through couriers throughout the European Union within a few days. The toy will be served personally to its recipient. Therefore, the recipient will not have to bother himself or herself by the need to pick the parcel.

Moreover, the plush pandas are prepared to be shipped by packing them securely, and they, therefore, reach the recipient in perfect state - exactly as you have ordered it on our website.

Broad product range. Teddyway is the only place where you can choose from different sizes of the toy pandas, which will best reflect your feelings and wishes that you want to send to your dear persons.

The soft, cute and extremely charming pandas produced by us are great gift not only for the little ones but also for adults, who also want to have a friend who would always listen to them. We promise that this toy will leave no one indifferent. The big plush pandas are made only from quality materials. For this reason, these toys are durable, which makes it possible to enjoy them for an extremely long time.

How to care of the huge plush pandas?

Our plush toys require no special care, because, thanks to special materials, they do not attract dust. If necessary, it is enough to wash the pandas in the washing machine and leave them to dry. All the details of the toy are firmly sewn on, and, therefore, you can wash the toy, when it becomes dirty, without having to worry. You can be sure that the plush toy will retain its original shape after washing and will look like new.
Also, in order to keep the colours of the toy unchanged for as long as possible, we recommend to keep it away from a direct sunlight, whereas otherwise they may fade.

Teddyway seeks to ensure absolute comfort at the time of the purchase and delivery of the goods. Therefore, the XXL plush toys are delivered to you quickly and safely. Moreover, we set the highest requirements for the quality and durability of the products. We can, therefore, ensure that you will be able to enjoy your large plush panda for more than one year. Our plush toys are a durable gift that will carry deep memories with it.

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