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Hi, I'm a giant stuffed penguin!

Giant stuffed penguins - Big plush penguins - You’ve probably heard all sorts of stories and tales about funny penguins. You’ll be surprised but I’m one of them! As you know, penguins live in very large communities, and loneliness is our greatest enemy. For this reason, I decided to look for you - my best friend! 

My fur is the softest in the world, which makes my hugs the best! I also have a penguin beak but don't be scared, it's designed to gently brush your hair! And most importantly, I am extremely eager to meet you and give you all my love and joy! For this reason, don’t hesitate when I say that I will fill even the darkest of your day with tenderness and laughter. 

I'm getting ready for the big trip because the trip from the north is long and I'm looking forward to meeting you!

See you soon, my friend!

Endless Fun!

Large stuffed penguins are probably some of the funniest animals, so you won’t get bored! When a penguin appears in your home, it will be filled with happiness, joy and silent laughter because if you haven’t heard it yet - penguins love to joke around! They like to play a lot and their favourite game is round-up, although they have very short legs.

How to cheer up a penguin? It’s simple. Give them your time, play with them, enjoy your day together and they will be happy. Embark on everyday adventures together because it’s good to have a friend next to you who enjoys every minute spent together and loves you from the bottom of his plush heart.

Evening Rituals!

After an exciting day spent with a new friend, it is necessary to properly prepare for sleep. Huge soft penguins are very clean animals, which is why they love to clean themselves up! Brush your penguin’s hair before going to sleep and the penguin will do the same to your hair with his soft little beak.

That's how they're used to behave in the north! Also, don’t forget to tell a variety of interesting, hilarious or even weird stories or tales about other penguins who embark on adventures, after which your penguin will sleep peacefully and dream the most colourful dreams!

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