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Giant teddy bears - Big teddy bear - Large teddy bear huge XXL

Giant Plush Teddy Bears - Big Teddy Bear - Large Huge Stuffed Bear XXL

Giant teddy bears - unforgettable emotions at your home!

We, the giant teddy bears, are the most faithful friends! Did you know that? I want to tell you about myself.

I am a large, soft and gentle Teddy bear, and I want to cuddle. I don't have a beating heart, but I am filled with love - from the head to the toes. I look forward to travelling to your home, because I know that, from the very first moment, we will become the best friends and the two of us will spend every moment together. Do you already know what you would like to do with me? Because I have already prepared my suitcase for the travel! I love adventures and stories. So, get ready to experience lots of joyful emotions, that I want to share with you.

Big Teddy bear is already here!

Let's spend happy moments together! When the Teddy bear will home to your home, he will fill it with cosiness and warmth, because this new resident of your home will be by your side in every situation of the everyday life. Take Teddy with you when you are watching a movie. Teddy will be happy to hold you by hand if you will get scared, and he will become infinitely happy being able to contribute to your everyday life. Teddy will rejoice together with you, and he will brighten up your day if you will get sad, because it is impossible to be sad for a long time when you are embraced by the giant soft and gentle paws of Teddy. He always listens to you and always understands you, because he is your real friend, and true friends never leave each other.

I ask you to never leave me. Let's be always together! The big Teddy bear gets sad when he doesn't see you for a long time. He is always waiting for you to return home and invites you with his round eyes to have fun together. It will be even better if he will be able to travel together with you. A park or seashore, a homestead or even a foreign country - they all will become a favourite place of the Teddy bear, because he will be there together with you. Because it is a real fun to have a soft, gentle and loving companion when you are on the trip. A companion that turns the trip into even more amazing memorable moments. The Teddy bear will become your support even on the longest trip. He will embrace you with his soft paws and will provide you with more comfort until you will reach the destination of your trip.

Attention is my other name. The large teddy bear is full of love that he desires to share with you. Be generous with hugs and he will reward you with the same. Invite him to sleep with you and he will become the happiest bear in the world and will wish you good night. And he will protect you against bad dreams while you will be sleeping. Teddy will listen to everything you tell him, and maybe you will even entrust him with your biggest secrets, which he will never reveal to anyone.

A huge teddy bear is a great sleeping toy! Even the smallest children, having made themselves comfortable on the Teddy bear or next to him, fall asleep when they feel extraordinary tenderness and warmth. It is an irreplaceable measure, which makes it possible to diversify the sleep ritual or even create a new one. Because sometimes it is so difficult to persuade the children to go to bed. Therefore, this Teddy bear is a great friend, that helps to relax, creates a sense of security and cosiness.

Time of fun with a big Teddy bear!

Teddyway bears are an idea based on childhood nostalgia. Our Teddy bears are a charming and soft gift that meets everyone’s expectations. It will leave no one indifferent. This gift is suitable for people of any age and, therefore, it can be donated to any of your loved ones.

We all have wonderful memories about moments with our favourite plush toys, without which we may have never left our home. Relive those memories and allow yourself to experience once again those wonderful and cosy moments of the childhood. Or maybe this gift will go straight to the little ones? Then we are sure that Teddy will create the brightest and warmest childhood memories, and your gift will silently watch the baby growing.

Teddyway – quality large Teddy bears

With the passage of time, and listening carefully to the wishes and desires of the customers, we were improving our product and its completion. At present, the customers may choose from several different types and sizes of the Teddy bears, adapt a ribbon of the desired colour, which adorns the neck of the Teddy bear, select a box of favourite candies, that will arrive together with the Teddy bear. You can always share your wishes, and we will decorate the Teddy bear and prepare him for the journey as a gift - we will pack him for you. We understand that there happen to be circumstances when you are unable to give a gift by yourself. Therefore, we will deliver the plush toy right to the door of its recipient.

Creating gifts, which would spread joy and leave an indelible impression, has always been and is our goal. We want everyone to have a chance to feel what it means to snuggle up to a soft, fluffy and XXL large teddy bear, which will become the most beloved in everyone’s home. The XXL size Teddy bear will not only become your friend but also a real home decoration, an eye-catching accessory and a home interior element. This gift will make smile its recipient each time he or she will return home and will see it. The toy will remember you and his heart will be warmed by pleasant memories. Every day the Teddy bear will remind you about your care, attention and love.

We offer our customers a long-lasting gift. Our Teddy bears are a top-quality product. Their material will withstand the love of even the naughtiest family members. The Teddy bear will be a great gift even for your loved ones who have allergies because its soft filler, that retains its shape, is certified and meets all health and safety requirements of the European Union.

The Teddyway bears are a great way to express concern, love, friendship or sympathy to the dearest people! We receive a lot of letters, that describe the heartfelt stories about how our giant teddy bears make a huge impression and create a special emotion. We guarantee that this choice of a gift will be perfect even for your biggest occasion. An important day will become unforgettable.

Plush toy - an element of the interior?

A large teddy bear may become an emphasis of your home. After having conquered the corner of the bed or room, the toy will invite by his broad embrace for a hug. These XXL size Teddy bears and giant soft toys can become a great sleeping toy for children, because they tempt the children by their size and tenderness to cuddle and close their little eyes. The new friend will warm up and defend against bad dreams.

A bean bag is another favourite way of using a huge teddy bear. It is comfortable for sitting. Therefore, the Teddy bear will benefit when the children will get tired of playing or when they will need a comfortable place to sit on the ground. By the way, it may also serve as a great back support, when you want to read a book or watch cartoons while sitting comfortably and softly, or while eating breakfast on a cloudy day.

We have nearly forgotten to tell that this plush friend is a great companion on a trip. During the long travel, it may become a comfortable pillow in the car and a loyal game friend.

On what occasion can the Teddy bear be donated?

It is worth mentioning that sometimes there is no need for any occasion in order to donate a gift. But, nevertheless, there happen to be different celebrations that we want to commemorate by showing our attention.

A big teddy bear is a unique gift for a woman on the Valentine’s Day. The Teddy bears of different colours and sizes make it possible to show and express the things that are sometimes impossible to be said in words. The big teddy bears simply take your breath and speak of your great love.
It is also a heartfelt gift on the occasion of the Mother’s Day, birthday or anniversaries. The plush toys are perfect for people of all ages. It is a gift that is always pleasant to be received, and is therefore a great way to pamper and surprise the beloved women.

It is necessary to mention that giant teddy bears are a favourite surprise on the occasion of baby shower. The different colours of the Teddy bears can be adjusted to the sex of the expected child, and, at the same time, they may become an excellent emphasis, which will enliven the emotions and the photos of the celebration.

And let us not forget men too. The plush toy evokes cosy emotions even in men. For this reason, it may become an original surprise on the occasion of the International Men's Day or of birthday.

Are you travelling to celebrate the child’s birthday? Or are you celebrating the christening party? Surprise him or her with a soft, cosy and gentle gift. A large Teddy bear is a long-standing memory, which, together with the growing child, will create memories and will participate in important occurrences of his life.

Every surprise settles down in our memories, and an unexpected gift begins to associate with the loved one who gave it. Teddyway can help you create memories that will not even fit in the embrace.

Why it is worth choosing namely the Teddyway XXL teddy bears?

Exclusive quality of the toy. We will immediately answer the question why it is worth choosing Teddyway. The reason is the impeccable quality of the product. The high-strength seams and the constant shape of the toy guarantee that a company of these Teddy bears can be enjoyed for more than one year. All details and parts of the toy are secured in a quality way. Therefore, its body remains stable, even if the Teddy bear finds itself at the epicentre of the noisiest children’s games.

The toy is filled with material that is suitable even for those who are the most sensitive. The Teddy bear does not cause allergic reactions and meets all security requirements. Its filler has antiallergic properties. For this reason, everyone can freely cuddle him with love and enjoy its company.
Thanks to the special material used in its manufacture, this giant teddy bear does not attract dust, and therefore does not require frequent cleaning. Such a surface greatly simplifies care of the plush toy, because it requires no extra effort.

Safe and fast delivery of the item. All toys, no matter of their size, reach their consignees across the European Union. We deliver the Teddy bears right to the door and serve your gift personally to its recipient. The recipient will not have to bother himself and go to pick the gift from the postal self-service terminals or from the post office and you can rest assured that the gift will not be lost and will be served personally to its recipient.
The giant XXL toy Teddy bear is packed securely. Therefore, it will not get dirty during the travel. You can rest assured that you will be able to flawlessly make this surprise come true.

Broad choice of sizes and colours. Teddyway offers you a possibility of selecting from different sizes of the Teddy bears – between the ordinary and the XXL plush bear. Only you can decide what size of a hug you want to give as a gift to those who are dear to you! Different colours of the Teddy bears allow them to be adjusted to the interior, or you may simply choose the colour that you like most. Thanks to the abundance of choice will allow you to choose a plush toy that will meet all your expectations.

Taking care of the toys

You probably did not expect that taking care of the plush bears will be so simple. The Teddy bears can simply be washed in the washing machine or this can be done by hand. They must be left to get dry. They require no special care.

But please note that, if you want to preserve its bright colours, you have to protect the toy from fading and keep it away from the direct sunlight.
An exclusive customer service is the goal of Teddyway. Therefore, we fulfil orders quickly and safely. We sell only the top-quality large Teddy bears, because we know how important it is to express our love and attention through the durable carefully sewn soft toys.

When we were children, we all had a favourite plush toy that awakens warm memories. Who said that such toys cannot be created for adults too?
And the little ones will accept a big Teddy bear with their outstretched arms and it will become part of their life. And after many years they will remember this gift of yours as the cosiest and sweetest stage of their childhood.

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