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Giant plush unicorns - Big stuffed unicorn - Large stuffed unicorn huge XXL

Giant Stuffed Unicorns - Big Plush Unicorn - Huge Soft Unicorn Toy

Hello. I am a giant stuffed unicorn!

Giant stuffed unicorns - Big plush unicorns - You have probably heard various fairy-tales and stories about miraculous Unicorns? I am one of them! Maybe not so magical, but really Unicorn! I will tell you a secret: unicorns cannot live alone, they need a close soul. This is why I am looking for the best friend!

I hope that you too are looking for the best friend! I am very soft because I love hugs, delicate as a feather and full of happiness and joy. I promise that for this reason you will feel well with me even on the gloomiest day. I rush to prepare myself for a special journey during which I will find you, my best friend! I cannot wait to meet you because I believe that we could fall in love with each other at first sight!

See you my friend. I hope that we will soon find each other!

Let’s have lazy moments together!

Large stuffed unicorns are full of surprises! Even though they seem agile and graceful, they love more than anything to spend lazy moments with their best friend. Lie down side by side to each other for a while. Unicorns are the best companions in this area!

They will enshroud you with their warm and soft body that will immediately make you feel safer. Do not forget to take your Unicorn before going to bed! It is said in fairy tales that unicorns are very loyal to their best friend and protect him or her against any evil. For this reason, a unicorn will never let bad dreams bother you during the sleep! Do not forget your friend even if you are doing nothing because a unicorn will be happy even being able to be next to you.

Time of happiness!

After a Unicorn will enter your home, it will be filled with joy and happiness, and you will forget the gloomiest days! A Unicorn will be happy to engage in a variety of activities with you. Introduce a Unicorn to your other friends. This will make a huge soft unicorn extremely happy.

Play hid-and-seek. Unicorns love this game even though they are not good seekers. Go on adventures together! Be sure to read fairy tales and stories about other unicorns to your new friend. This is so interesting! A Unicorn will enjoy spending every minute with you and will thank for that with gentleness and love. It is so nice to have a companion with whom you can spend happy moments, play, learn and rejoice together.

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