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Hi, I'm a giant stuffed tiger!

Giant stuffed tigers - big plush tigers -You’ve probably heard interesting and majestic stories about graceful Tigers? I have to tell you, those stories are about me! Maybe, I’m not that majestic and graceful at all but I’m a real real tiger! And as you know tigers don’t like to be alone, that’s why I’m looking for my best friend! Maybe, it’s you?

My fur is soft and gentle, perfect for cuddling and hugging and my plush heart is full of happiness and love that I would endlessly share with you. You probably know that tigers are famous for their ferocity, so with me you won’t be terrified of any dangers or even bad dreams! Tigers know that it’s very important to find a best friend with whom they can play or just spend time together. I’m getting ready for my trip to meet you, my friend. See you soon!

Games and fun!

Large stuffed tigers are the real kings of fun who infect everyone with their good mood. Although they seem majestic and serious, you will see that they love fun and games when you get to know them. Jokes and playing hide and seek are one of the tigers’ favourite activities, so be prepared to romp! Go on an adventure together! Get to know each other!

And when you will be tired of all sorts of fun, tell your new friend stories about the great tigers who defeated the bad guys with their wisdom. They love these stories endlessly! Tigers always rejoice in the company of their best friend and thank them with their warmth and love. Because being together always feels good!


Although the huge soft tigers seem to be active, they also love to be lazy! And to make laziness more fun - a friend's company is necessary. The Tigers are devoted to their friends, which is why they will be happy just to spend time together, even without doing anything! You will see, you haven’t had such good companionship while being lazy.

Lie down, laugh till you cry or just sit in silence. No matter how you spend your time, the most important thing is to be together and enjoy every moment because friends are exactly for that!

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